Pole accessories

Xpole Update:  Xpole has announced that it has released a 40mm pole:

X-Pole Releases NEW 40mm Chrome X-Pert Pole!

X-Pole officially announces the release of the new 40mm Chrome X-Pert pole – the ONLY 40mm pole on the market!

The slim and sleek 40mm pole gives a new dynamic to performances thanks to its incredibly robust design.  Ideal for those with small hands and dancers looking to nail difficult moves, the new 40mm X-Pert pole is now available to purchase from your local X-Pole store.


My favorite pole to dance on is the 45mm permanent stainless steel by Platinum Stages.  My hands are small and can get a little sweaty, but it seems that stainless is a bit more porous than chrome and works well for me, I have a 50mm PS brass and it’s pretty awesome, but it doesn’t spin very well as a pressure pole….the day that PS makes a one piece brass 45 I will be in heaven!  Xpole has a brass 45 and I love it for hand grips, but it’s pretty slippery with any body holds I find.  I dream of the day that Xpole and PS join forces, creating the ultimate pole, you see I love the design of Xpole for home use, but prefer the metals used of PS.

I have gotten a lot of free samples for grip products in the goodie bags I have received from competitions.  For me personally, I tend to  switch up with what I am using depending on the climate and the poles I dance on.  I go back and forth with Dry Hands and Tite Grip for the sweaty palm issue, I think Tite Grip is a hundred times more economical, but sometimes the other one seems to work better.  I have found that Itac really drys out my skin and doesn’t work well at all in cold weather  or if I am using my new brass Xpole…at those time I break out the Dew Point.  I absolutely loath Kramers firm grip and avoid it like the plague, even though polers rave about it often.  I find that if my hands are sweating at all I slide right over it.  Those are my thoughts, worth about a penny :)

Based on my own use of these pole dancing products here are my picks for pole dancing accessories for 2010:

Pole dancing shoes: I like these shoes because they look great, are very light weight, great quality and totally functional.  I also like them because I am in between sizes and stripper shoes don’t come in 1/2 sizes.  Since it is standard practice to size down with platforms this is the only manufacture I can do that with and get a perfect fit. The only drawback with Tony’s Shoes is they seriously scuff up the floor, so I recommend having them resoled (costs about $10)

My Pick : Manufacturer/Tony’s shoes, style/101-clear top, colors-red, white, black, clear.

Dance poles:  If there was a perfect removable pole out there for me it would have the metal of stainless steel (which platinum stages uses and for which I used in both pole dance competitions I was: 2010 EMW’s Tripole Challenge and 2010 USPDF’s West Coast Regional Competition), with design of the Xpert (made by X pole).  I like the grip of stainless steel best, but chrome isn’t bad (Xpole uses chrome) so I go with that because I think the design is better.  The only drawback of the xpert is that sometimes the joint between extensions shifts which can be bit of a hassle.

My Pick:  Xpole/xpert 45mm, chrome.

Pole grip:  If you have a problem with sweaty hands like I do you really only have two choices for grip, Dry Hands (my preference) and Tite Grip (economically a better deal).  Both of these products were designed for perspiration in the hands.  Rubbing alcohol and a towel is also very helpful throughout your pole workout.  Other products on the market  I have tried seem better for making other parts of your body stick to the pole in holds such as the Jade Split (apply a little to your waist), Aysha (apply a little to the inside of your elbow), etc.  Keep in mind that as your strength increases sweaty hands will bother you less.

My pole grip choices: hands/Dry Hands, body/itac (warmer months not so good when it’s cold for me).

Pole dance apparel

Pole Dance Playground: Affordable and flattering, but they do stretch a bit over time, however, for the price you can afford to buy another pair when they do.

Shorts/side tie classic-leopard prints (lots of colors to choose from)

Mika Yoga Wear: Awesome quality that costs quite a bit more.

Shorts/Betty Short (no pole wedgy), Top/Tula (best for smaller sized busts like mine), Top/Ella (runs large, best for full busts).

Wearing a pair of sexy stilettos to pole dancing class can truly transform the way your body moves and feels as you learn the art of exotic dance, but exotic dance shoes can be really pricey. Most of us students of pole dancing are not making the buku bucks working at some Vegas gentleman’s club, so forking out a hundred plus dollars for a pair of exotic dancing shoes is not an option (especially in this economy). Fortunately, buying a pair of sexy shoes for pole dancing class doesn’t have to break your budget; in fact, you can find some great styles at Pierre Silber (there’s a link on my website:) through their online catalog for fairly reasonable prices.

If you’re buying shoes for the first time there are a few things to keep in mind: first, it’s best try on several pairs in person before you buy, as they all fit differently (Foot Worship in San Francisco is on Sutter Street, between Van Ness and Polk, and has a shoe selection that would make Carrie Bradshaw squeal with delight). Second, once you find some shoes that work for you, keep a record of the style and manufacturer so you can look them up in the future online and maybe get a better deal. When choosing shoes for pole dance class keep in mind that six-inch platforms are the standard and once you get use to them they’re the most comfortable. Shoes for pole dance class come in full sizes only (no ½ sizes) so size down if they seem too loose or you’re a ½ sizer. Try on different styles to find the right fit and make sure the shoes have a non-slip sole; really, this is the most important feature to look for. Stay away from the super strappy styles where your pinky toe hangs out a hole, and mules (shoes with no back strap) because they can fly off your foot during pole dancing spins and inversions (possibly clocking someone in the head, or poking their eye out!). Functionality is the key word when choosing a shoe for pole dancing class, save the crazy fetish styles for some “other” occasion.


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