Pole Dance YouTube Picks

You Tube Pole Girls

I haven’t updated here in a while, so I am posting stuff that is fairly recent to my eye and will get back to commenting on it later.  I hope you enjoy.

You Tube is a great place to check out what’s going on with the pole dance skills of the world. Sometimes you’re just absolutely blown away by what some of these folks can do. Since I posted my last You Tube video I have conversed with some of these really talented polers, as well as, some of the beginners that just seem to have a knack and true passion for the art. My favorite at present goes by the user name of Redke71; she is fiery, sexy, athletic, and generous with her knowledge of pole dancing. If you visit her channel check out a variety of her postings and see them to the end. The girl’s got skills! I was gonna embed her link, but it’s disabled.  Oh well, hope this other one will do.  I warn you I almost started crying watching this, it’s so beautiful.

I still think this is my favorite performance by Felix, a jazz dancer at heart, I just love the Fosse inspired opening and the lyricism of the dance to the Goo Dolls song “Iris”.

Our own US Pole Diva/Marlo Fiskin: 2nd place EMW polarity (pole drama), and American Pole Fitness Champion (women)

Guilia Piolanti/Italia



…And a little bit of Man Pole….

Eike Von Stuckenbrok/Germany (I think)


Steven Retchless: American Pole Fitness Champion (men’s division)

Alethea Austin: US Pole Champion

Miss Pole Dance Queensland 2011: 1st Place Champion, Chelle

Such a great concept and she totally nails it!

Not to toot my own horn, but this is pretty funny.

No matter how stoked we are on ourselves over our new pole move, our Misters will always think of it in another way.


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