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I’m honored to be a finalist in the West Coast competition of East Meets West TRI-POLE CHALLENGE:A three day pole fest in North Hollywood with performances by some of the hottest polers on the west coast AND PRANA, on Friday (8/13), a 3 category competition on Saturday (8/14), PLUS, AFTER PARTY, and on Sunday (8/15) WORKSHOPS BY SOME OF THE TOP POLE FITNESS INSTRUCTORS in the US and abroad .  For more information and tickets click on the East meets West logo, or here

Hosted by Samantha Jones of E-Fit Dance in Charlottesville, Va. and Michula Nunez owner of Antix Fitness in Redlands, Ca.

North Hollywood, California
The Tri-Pole Challenge Event Weekend
August 13th – August 15th 2010

Friday, August 13th 2010
“Rock the Pole” and Bad Kitty Pole Fit Expo

Saturday, August 14th 2010
Tri-Pole Challenge:
1:00 PM : Amateur Competition (Age 18 – 34)
3:30 PM: Ms. Spinster Competition  (Age 35 & Up)
6:00 PM: Bi-Polar Competition (Pairs)
Tri-Pole Challenge After-Party Hosted by Platinum Stages:

Workshops on Sunday august 15th


Prana’s Personal Pole 12:00-1:30pm

Prana is going to teach an array of her original and personal favorite tricks.

Level: Intermediate/Adv.      Cost: TBA


Pole Doubles with Leigh and Nadia 1:30-3:00

This class is for all of you dare devil experienced pole dancers, Nadia Sharif, USPDF contestant and Leigh Acosta our Resident Aerialist will be teaching partnership pole tricks on a single pole. You will learn how to execute movements around each others bodies and create strong positions with beautiful lines. You will also learn a doubles performance that is both fluid and Athletic. Cost: $30 per person if you come in a pair or $40 solo Class Duration: 90 minutes


Pole Conditioning with Michula Nunez,  3:00-4:00pm

Tired of feeling weak and wondering why you can’t execute the more difficult tricks ON the pole? Are you tired of getting winded just when after you climb? This is your opportunity to learn how to build your upper body strength needed for advanced aerial tricks on the pole and to improve your overall endurance. You will be subjected to Michula’s infamous highly intense and the most challenging pole class that you will ever encounter. You , your core and upper body will reap the rewards! This workshop will equip you with drills and exercises for your upper back, shoulders, and core!   Cost:  $40 Level:  For all levels, but must be able to climb  Bring: water, towel Suggestion: Wear athletic shoes

We are proud to offer affordable pole dancing classes for all levels of experience at three San Francisco Bay Area Locations including:

San Francisco (Mission)

San Francisco (Glen Park)

Redwood City (CoVertical Studio)



Pole La Teaze Studio
Shelly’s Pole Studio in the Aceituno Arts studio

Celestial Virgins

Level I Pole Class
Level I Pole Class

Celestial Virgins

(Level I pole dance)

August 1st-22nd


No Prior Experience necessary: this class eases each woman into the language of the dance.  This is your foundation class which focuses on strengthening your body while building confidence in your own sexy style of moving.  You will learn a seriously sexy and exciting pole dance routine and a total of 44 hot dance moves including: poses, transition moves, floor work, and pole spins.   Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and ignite your body and sole.

Class meets for one and half hours, once a week for 4 weeks.

Cost: $145.00


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to show of your pole dancing skills…here’s a copy of the official announcement

proudly presents
US Pole Dance Championship 2009
Get ready for the event all of you enthusiastic pole dance addicts have been waiting
for… US Pole Dance Championship 2009!
Take out your camera, and hit the pole because we’re still looking for submissions!
The winner of US Pole Dance Championship will win a trip to Sydney, Australia, in
October 2009 to meet with Bobbi of Bobbi’s Pole Studio. The winner will also perform at
Miss Pole Dance Australia for more than 2000 viewers.
Applicants must be female US citizens or valid Green Card holder, 18 years of age
or older. Submission deadline Jan 31st. For more information please visit us on
The US Pole Dance Championship ’09 will be held at the funky Bleecker Street Theater,
downtown New York City, Sunday afternoon March 15th at 2:30pm.
We’re looking forward to see you there!
US Pole Dance Federation

Blah, blah, blog

I ran across an interesting pole dance blog with some really great advice for those of you shopping around for pole dancing lessons. I have posted a link to it on my Here is an excerpt, which I hope you will find useful…

Things to Check out Before You Sign up and Part With Your Cash
Pole dancing classes tend to be taught either by ex-club dancers or fitness instructors, and to be honest, I’ve seen some pretty shocking practice from both. Fitness qualifications do not necessarily denote a good teacher, but do check the format of the class – there should be a warm-up, a lot of structured pole activity and a cool-down or stretches to end.

First-Aid Training:
Pole dancing can be pretty dangerous. It’s definitely worth checking if someone present will know what to do should you hurt yourself badly.

Public liability insurance is essential – for your own protection and safety and I would not train with someone who did not have it. As a general rule, insurers only insure people they are satisfied know what they are doing, so if your teacher isn’t insured…

Number of Students per Pole:
It’s always worth checking how many people will be in the class with you and how many poles there are. We try to avoid more than three on a pole. Any less and you will work a lot harder, any more and you’ll do a lot of standing around. Three seems to work – you get enough time to practice without getting too exhausted.

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9 thoughts on “ART OF POLE DANCING

  1. Jessica says:

    Just an FYI

    We are no longer endorsing the my sexy lil pole or Pole Fit. Though it is an extremely inexpensive option for someone just starting out and the concept is good the internal parts are not and are easily broken. I broke it. Beginners would be fine on the pole but if you do any intermediate to advanced moves you will break down the internal components of the pole causing it to fail.

    I have broke or pulled down almost EVERY pole on the market! At least once. I am just finishing my page about poles as some are very dangerous. The new Flirty Girl Fitness pole that you see on MTV for $1. I broke it in 20 minutes and almost broke myself with it!

  2. Anjel says:

    We are holding the California Pole Dance Championship on the evening of October 3, 2009 in Hollywood, CA.

    I would love it if you would consider being a contestant.

    We will be announcing the final list of competitors on August 21. Submissions to be in the contest need to be in before that date.

    If you have a video on line already you can use that in leau of a formal audition, then fill in the short application at

    In person auditions will be held at Evolve Dance Studio for the next three weeks on Wednesday and Fridays from 1 to 3 and on Sundays after 4. Call to make an appointment to come down.
    5872 Pico Blvd. Los Angeles

    There is no entry fee, or requirement to sell tickets. This is a real Pole Dance competition put on by actual Pole Dancers. It’s to celebrate the art and sport of Pole Dance.

    The top three places recieve titles and prize money. There is $5000 in cash awards. Every contestant will also recieve a product bundle from our sponsors and other valuable gifts.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  3. Chris says:

    Hello. I recently read your article, and was wondering where you were able to attain public liability insurance from. I am hoping to teach small aerial dance classes, and have run into some trouble trying to find a company that knows what I am talking about. I figured you had probably encountered the same thing. Could you help?
    Thank you!

  4. Rayana says:


    I am interested in taking a beginners pole dancing class. Will you have another series comin up in the mission sf?
    If so what should I expect and wear my first time.

  5. Princella says:

    I think that you are amazing, I have two questions first) out of all the different dance moves which is your favorite and second) how old are you because I want to take it up but fear my age is a factor.

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