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I started this blog 4 years ago as a result of my passion for pole dancing.  Since that time the industry has  really taken off: the bar has been raised in terms of what wild and super human stunts people can do on the pole, the number of pole dance studios popping up worldwide has skyrocketed, and the countless additions to the number of pole dance competitions in the United States can be found. Slowly, the world is embracing pole dancing as a legitimate sport and art-form (like dance and gymnastics) and as an alternative form of physical fitness.  The once female dominated pole community now embraces men in both the teaching and competition arenas of pole dancing and in general the world is catching on.  Of course, there are still the hecklers with their snickers and publicly displayed derogatory comments, whom, instead of giving it a try or at least educating themselves on a even minimal level, choose to make their ignorant assumptions and comments, well, to them… to each his/her own,  to the passionate polers out there I say, have some compassion for these folks and just ignore them, they really just don’t get it, and it is not our job in life, nor worthy of our energy, to try to make everyone think like us; people will always have there opinions and tastes- when and if the time is right they will come around.

Felix Cane is still my number #1 when it comes to professional pole dancers, like so many others, I was jump started by her 2006 Miss Pole Dance Australia competition routine, although the 2008 MPDA routine is my favorite. It wasn’t the pole tricks that took my breath away (though I was in awe of those too), but her stage presence, transitioning between the moves, beautiful lines/extensions, classy presentation, ability to tell a story and her beautiful choreography that won me over-Felix has the total package, in my opinion. There are others out there that I appreciate for there strength, innovation, etc. on the pole, but Felix is still my number #1.

I am a pole dance instructor in the SF Bay Area, a pole performer and competitor.  Here in my blog, I share with anyone interested opportunities to learn the art of pole dancing, a list of pole dance performances and competitions and information about pole dancing, including: pole dancing related YouTube videos that inspire me, pole dance accessories  (poles for your home, shoes, grip, apparel, and the like.) plus, links of interest and related to the pole addiction.  If you would like to add something here about your pole dancing related event or product, leave me a comment and your contact information.

Please, don’t bother leaving requests to display adult entertainment type stuff, this is the wrong site for that.  Thanks.


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