Pole dance tips: increasing your shoulder and back flexibility

Tips for increasing shoulder flexibility.

Bridges from the floor are a great way to increase your shoulder flexibility.
Ultimately you want to get you shoulder in line with  your chest when you are in bridge-like this …

although for most of us starting out, it usually looks more like this…

with the shoulder more in front of the chest.

The fact that the model in the first picture has her legs straight also affects the flexibility training of other areas of her back, thus form is important regarding what area of your back you are looking to get bendier.  When you’re focusing on training specific areas of your back know what stretches will target the area you are working on and also be sure to warm up thoroughly, go slowly, and stay in good form while stretching to avoid injury.  It is common practice to do lower body stretching first (splits and such), before back stretching, not a bad idea since your hip flexibility plays a big role in the lines of your back in back extensions.  For more advanced practices a bridge is considered a part of the warmup, but for many of us just starting out it is the advanced part of our practice in back flexibility training. Finally, just go slow and be patient, there is no quick way to increasing flexibility, it’s all about consistency in your practice.  Please check out archives from previous newsletters for more beginning level back stretches and warmup poses.


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