UK Pole Dance Champion: Hanka Veneselaar Workshop in Berkeley California

European Pole Dance Champion Hanka Venselaar will be in Berkeley, California at Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole on June 15th!  Please contact the studio directly to sign up , there are still some spots available.

A little about Hanka:

In my daily life I’m a Ph.D student at the department of bioinformatics, Nijmegen University. My research focuses on the use of 3D-protein structures in biomedical research.
I’ve been a competitive gymnast for over 14 years but now I’m into poledancing and aerial acrobatics. I do shows and performances, and I’ve been teaching my own groups at all levels for over 4 years now. Since 1-1-2011 I’m the proud owner of my own company Studio Ad Astra, have a look at the website:

Here’s a link of Hanka’s winning routine at the 2011 European Pole Dance Championships.

Just look at this woman!


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