poles and grip aides-my thoughts

My favorite pole to dance on is the 45mm permanent stainless steel by Platinum Stages.  My hands are small and can get a little sweaty, but it seems that stainless is a bit more porous than chrome and works well for me, I have a 50mm PS brass and it’s pretty awesome, but it doesn’t spin very well as a pressure pole….the day that PS makes a one piece brass 45 I will be in heaven!  Xpole has a brass 45 and I love it for hand grips, but it’s pretty slippery with any body holds I find.  I dream of the day that Xpole and PS join forces, creating the ultimate pole, you see I love the design of Xpole for home use, but prefer the metals used of PS.

I have gotten a lot of free samples for grip products in the goodie bags I have received from competitions.  For me personally, I tend to  switch up with what I am using depending on the climate and the poles I dance on.  I go back and forth with Dry Hands and Tite Grip for the sweaty palm issue, I think Tite Grip is a hundred times more economical, but sometimes the other one seems to work better.  I have found that Itac really drys out my skin and doesn’t work well at all in cold weather  or if I am using my new brass Xpole…at those time I break out the Dew Point.  I absolutely loath Kramers firm grip and avoid it like the plague, even though polers rave about it often.  I find that if my hands are sweating at all I slide right over it.  Those are my thought, worth about a penny 🙂

Happy Poling