Why is google places picking on my website?…

…I don’t know, but this has been a problem for me for awhile now.  Google Places’ favorite thing to do to my listing  is to distort my Yelp reviews.  The first time this happened they took a perfectly wonderful and positive review about my business (pole dancing instruction), extracted a quote referring to another company (not so positive) and placed it as a Yelp headline, plus only listed me as having one review on yelp (when I have 13) and linked my Yelp business page to some adult site (?).  Now it’s happening again, linking to another persons yelp page and saying I only have one review…WTH!  When I contacted Yelp about the problem they said it was a google issue, when I contacted google places they never replied.  Is this some kinda big business conspiracy?  It is so frustrating and every other pole dancing instruction business is listed properly :/