East Meets West Pole Events and Bad Kitty Pole Wears: Tri-Pole Challenge Weekend

For those of you who don’t know, Tripole Challenge is the West Coast inaugaral of East Meets West Pole Events and the founders/organizers are Michula Nunez and Samanth Jones, along with the Pole Fitness Association (PFA).  The list of sponsors is large and growing: Bad Kitty Pole Wear, Platinum Stages, Mighty Grip and X-polesitions Studio.

So I am actually a finalist in the Ms. Spinster division of this competition (funny that I would end up here, having never been married) and I am in the process of learning how to apply false eyelashes which is kinda big for a Santa Cruz girl who didn’t shave her legs until about 18.

who I am:

I am old enough to know that all of those anyoying traits I found about my mother are in me.

I am an animal lover and a late bloomer.

I am a self taught pole dancer going on a little over three years AND being as this is my first competition I am learning that I am completely green about what is expected of me as a competitor, but I am learning…

I am so f-ing greatful for this opportunity to share my passion for this misunderstood artform with others who feel the same.