California Pole Dance Champion

Me and The Reining Queen of Pole Dance, Felix Cane

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the California Pole Dance Champion competition back in October ’09, but got so busy with the production of my own show here in the Bay Area, Cosmopolelitan, that I couldn’t get around to writing about it until now.  At CPDC I was truly amazed and thoroughly entertained by some of the most athletic, attractive, and artistically gifted women of pole dancing around…California’s Got Talent!  Angel Dust, the show’s producer, “Brought It” not only with the selection of finalists, but also by bringing the Queen of Pole herself, Felix Cane.  Felix put on a brilliant performance that night and also taught a few workshops before the show ( I was one of the lucky ones who snagged a spot in class).

The top three finalists:  1st place went to the phenomenal trixter, Amber Kittle, 2nd place went to the unique moves and graceful transitions of  Laura Martin, and 3rd place to Noelle Wood, formerly of the Bay Area.

I melt over smooth transitions when I am watching pole dancing, like music, it’s the silence in between that breathes life into the dance, so when I saw Laura Martin after watching at least 15 of the  20 performers that night I knew who would be taking first place…well…close.  Laura came in 2nd, but for me she is the winner.

Though all of the performers were remarkable, there were a couple of other women in the show who also stood out for me though I don’t know how they placed.  Blue, who also works as an entertainer at Jumbo’s Clown Room and is a performer with Tricky Vixens, and Lisa Wilhoit of Be Spun Studio in LA.  Blue is a fabulous dancer, trixter, and entertainer. Lisa has a soft, youthful and effortless quality to her dancing incorporating beautiful lines and graceful transitions.  I think she is someone to watch and who shall be reckoned with for the future.

Congratulations Angel on a job well done!

Flying Laura Martin

Lisa Wilhoit



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