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Pole La Teaze Newsletter May 2009

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Felix Cane Is Miss Pole Dance World

I you’re a pole freak you’ve probably already heard that Felix Cane walked away with the Miss Pole Dance World 2009 title on April 25th. This year’s competition, held in Jamaica at Hedonism III, brought pole divas from all over the world including, “super hero/action figure” girl, Pantera who won the title of “Best Pole Tricks”.   Runners-up from the competition are US Pole Dance 2009 winner Jenyne Butterfly Ball (1st runner up) and Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 winner Alesia (2nd runner up).  Although Felix’s choice for music really didn’t appeal to me (though I love Guns and Roses), I felt that it was the best musical interpretation in a performance that I have ever seen from her.  If you’ve seen video clips of her from Miss pole dance Australia 2006 and 2008 you just can’t miss how much she has improved or that it was even possible to improve (she was just so amazing from the start). This video of Ms. Cane from her winning performance at Hedonism (gotta love the name) should inspire you to get your booty up that pole, if it doesn’t nothing will: Miss Pole Dance World 2009.

also check this article about her in the Las Vegas Weekly: http://www.lasvegasweekly.com/blogs/the-playground/2009/may/05/poledancer-champ-spices-zumanity/

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Upcoming Classes

Next month the Level II Pole Dance Class (Pole Kat) will be happening on  Sundays from 4pm-5: 30pm at the Mission Studio.  On Saturdays I will be offering an Beginning Level Class in GlenPark from 5pm-6: 30pm.  The Cost for either Series is $140.00 and both a 6 hour sessions.  Let me know if you are interested in signing up with an email.  Serious inquiries only, if you have questions about the classes please visit the website first to see if your questions can be answered there, remember, I don’t have a personal secretary.  Again here’s the information for classes and here’s the link to the
website:  http://polelateaze.com/
Blog: http://poledancingsanfrancisco.com/
Beginning Level Pole Dancing DSG Studio (Glen Park) Saturdays July 11th-July35th 5:00pm-6: 30pm  Pole Kat (Intermediate) Aceituno Arts Cooperative (Mission) Sundays July 5th-July 26thth 4:00pm-5: 30pm