Shelly’s Pole Studio: Pole dancing newsletter April ’09

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click on the logo to go to my website

Pole Vids

I am absolutely star struck over Felix Cane, Miss Pole Dance Australia ’08; good god, how can any of us ever live up to that girl? Well, of course, we can’t being but mere mortals, so we’ll just have to thank the higher one for sending us such a gorgeous sylph to admire. In addition to this woman’s absolutely flawless performance in ‘08 (which you must view for yourself) her website is sexy as hell and chock full of photos of her in all her diva ness. She and her performance will probably remain the favorite for a long time to come. Here are the links to her site and video:

I stumble upon another video, purely by accident; it’s absolutely a good time and a close runner up in “fun ness” to “Sexy pole dance girls in NYC subway”. In my experience my Brazilian friends were always the life of the party…these girls are proof. Here are the links:

Upcoming Classes

In May I’ll be offering another Celestial Virgins (Level I) class from 5-6:30 pm on Saturdays. This series starts on May 2nd and runs to May 23rd.

The Level I class is packed with pole spins, climbing and culminates with learning a basic inversion. It’s a lot of pole for the price and will definitely jump-start your pole skills. You can sign up online by making a deposit at

I am looking at a new studio space where I will be doing the next intermediate series. The place is a trip down memory lane for me as I trained on a dance scholarship in the 90’s in Jazz, tap, and hip hop there. This space is fabulous for multiple poles but has limited available times. I am looking at Wed. and Fri. at 8:00pm and Sundays 10am to noon let me know what interests you.

Move of the Month

Reverse climb (pole kitty)


1) Because I just got it myself and,

2) Because sometimes you want to go back up the pole for more!

View it here (at 1:06) :