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Weekend pole dancing workshop classes in San Francisco with Shelly’s Pole Studio.

Pole Kat: Intermediate Level Pole Dancing
(Semi-private 4 hour workshop)

Music Box

Music Box

Saturdays 6/6-6/27 5pm-6:30pm

Pole Kat (Intermediate Pole Dancing) – You’ve got the fever, and you want more.  Are you ready to learn how to climb, sit, spin and invert on the pole?  In this Intermediate level class you will do it all and continue to tap into your hidden reserves of sensuality and strength.

Prerequisite: demonstration of proficiency


Celestial Virgins A: Beginning Level Pole Dancing
(Semi-private 4 hour workshop)

Sunday 6/7-6/28 4pm-5:30pm

Appropriate for all levels, this class eases each woman into the language of the dance -The focus is on building strength in your body and building confidence in your own sexy style of moving. You will learn a full pole dance routine and a total of 44 hot dance moves including: poses, transition moves, floor work, and basic pole spins.

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Shelly’s Pole Studio: Level I Pole Dancing Class Video (These girls are really awesome, and after only one class!)

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These are a few of awesome women who took my beginning pole dancing class (they are also the photographers).  They look gorgeous, and move so well.  This is their first and only pole dancing experience…amazing!   Check out the video:
(they start at 0:57 in the vid, that’s me in the beg.)

Shelly’s Pole Studio: Free Pole Dancing Class San Francisco

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Dear Dancers:

As the kick-off of the monthly $5 Saturday Series, offered only at Aceituno Arts Studio, I will be teaching a FREE combo dance class followed by a short performance on December 13th. Each month Aceituno Arts will host a $5 class special with varying instructors and movement styles as a way to reach out to the dance and movement community here in San Francisco. These classes will be appropriate for all levels of experience and beginners are encouraged to attend.

Exotica Dolls: Burlesque workout class
Pole Moves Teazer: Pole dance taster class

Where: 2141 Mission St. suite #200, San Francisco, CA (Aceituno Arts Cooperative)

When: Saturday December 13th at 4pm SHARP!

Cost: FREE

What to wear: An oversized-long sleeve-button up Man-shirt (AKA Men’s dress-shirt) over sports bras or tank-tops, plus, bottoms that allow you to move such as yoga pants, leggings and boy-shorts. There is no nudity in these classes and stilettos are optional.

Who can attend: All women 18 yrs. of age and over. No spectators.



Hope to see you there, and don’t forget to RSVP if you would like to attend.

FOR MORE INFO VISIT WWW.shellyspolestudio.COM

Shelly’s Pole Studio: Pole dancing classes San Francisco (Cinderella’s stiletto and the search for the perfect pole dancing shoe)

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Wearing a pair of sexy stilettos to pole dancing class can truly transform the way your body moves and feels as you learn the art of exotic dance, but exotic dance shoes can be really pricey. Most of us students of pole dancing are not making the buku bucks working at some Vegas gentleman’s club, so forking out a hundred plus dollars for a pair of exotic dancing shoes is not an option (especially in this economy). Fortunately, buying a pair of sexy shoes for pole dancing class doesn’t have to break your budget; in fact, you can find some great styles at Pierre Silber (there’s a link on my website:) through their online catalog for fairly reasonable prices.

If you’re buying shoes for the first time there are a few things to keep in mind: first, it’s best try on several pairs in person before you buy, as they all fit differently (Foot Worship in San Francisco is on Sutter Street, between Van Ness and Polk, and has a shoe selection that would make Carrie Bradshaw squeal with delight). Second, once you find some shoes that work for you, keep a record of the style and manufacturer so you can look them up in the future online and maybe get a better deal. When choosing shoes for pole dance class keep in mind that six-inch platforms are the standard and once you get use to them they’re the most comfortable. Shoes for pole dance class come in full sizes only (no ½ sizes) so size down if they seem too loose or you’re a ½ sizer. Try on different styles to find the right fit and make sure the shoes have a non-slip sole; really, this is the most important feature to look for. Stay away from the super strappy styles where your pinky toe hangs out a hole, and mules (shoes with no back strap) because they can fly off your foot during pole dancing spins and inversions (possibly clocking someone in the head, or poking their eye out!). Functionality is the key word when choosing a shoe for pole dancing class, save the crazy fetish styles for some “other” occasion.