Pole dance competitions

Finally a video of my Compulsory routine from the USPDF CHAMPIONSHIP 2012!  This routine is one of two required performances by each competitor from the same competition (the other has not been released yet).  In this routine the require moves are the same for each of the 10 competitors, They are as follows:

Routine must be 60 seconds to 90 seconds maximum
20 seconds minimum of floor choreography (without touching the pole)
30 secs minimum of choreography on the spinning pole
1 Ayesha (held for 3 secs minimum)
1 Jade split (held for 3 secs minimum)
1 inverted switching leg hang spin (must be performed on static pole and go around the pole a minimum of one full revolution)
1 spin (must be performed on static pole and go around at least 2 revolutions)
1 full pirouette

Pole dance tips: increasing your shoulder and back flexibility

Tips for increasing shoulder flexibility.

Bridges from the floor are a great way to increase your shoulder flexibility.
Ultimately you want to get you shoulder in line with  your chest when you are in bridge-like this …

although for most of us starting out, it usually looks more like this…

with the shoulder more in front of the chest.

The fact that the model in the first picture has her legs straight also affects the flexibility training of other areas of her back, thus form is important regarding what area of your back you are looking to get bendier.  When you’re focusing on training specific areas of your back know what stretches will target the area you are working on and also be sure to warm up thoroughly, go slowly, and stay in good form while stretching to avoid injury.  It is common practice to do lower body stretching first (splits and such), before back stretching, not a bad idea since your hip flexibility plays a big role in the lines of your back in back extensions.  For more advanced practices a bridge is considered a part of the warmup, but for many of us just starting out it is the advanced part of our practice in back flexibility training. Finally, just go slow and be patient, there is no quick way to increasing flexibility, it’s all about consistency in your practice.  Please check out archives from previous newsletters for more beginning level back stretches and warmup poses.

Shoulder Health for Pole Dancers

Shoulder health
Every pole dancer needs take into consideration how much work their shoulders do when it comes to the art of pole. There are so many little muscles in and around the shoulder that we don’t even think about! It’s crucial that you warm up and adopt a conditioning program to keep your shoulders healthy-it’s not hard work and all you need is a elastic band. You can buy these from target (amoung other places). Below you will find some links (click on the pictures) to some great conditioning exercises for the shoulder using resistance bands. I recommend doing these exercises as part of your pole warm up.

Cross Training for Pole

Forever on the hunt for great conditioning excercises to help you attain your pole goals…this month and archives

Upper Body Strength Training

Handstands against the wall are great for building core and upper body strenght which you can transfer to the pole.

Unlike the seen the video, you want to work towards keeping your hands shoulder width apart, this may be challenging to a beginner, but its something to keep in mind and work towards.  If you find that it’s difficult in the beginning the keep the fingers pointed toward the wall try rotating your hands slightly outward.  Eventually you want to try to balance with out the wall (if even for a few moments).  Even if you can only hold your handstand with out the wall for a short amount of time keep trying and you will see improvement with consistency.

UK Pole Dance Champion: Hanka Veneselaar Workshop in Berkeley California

European Pole Dance Champion Hanka Venselaar will be in Berkeley, California at Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole on June 15th!  Please contact the studio directly to sign up http://www.phoenixaerialartandpole.com/class-descriptions/ , there are still some spots available.

A little about Hanka:

In my daily life I’m a Ph.D student at the department of bioinformatics, Nijmegen University. My research focuses on the use of 3D-protein structures in biomedical research.
I’ve been a competitive gymnast for over 14 years but now I’m into poledancing and aerial acrobatics. I do shows and performances, and I’ve been teaching my own groups at all levels for over 4 years now. Since 1-1-2011 I’m the proud owner of my own company Studio Ad Astra, have a look at the website: http://www.studio-adastra.nl/

Here’s a link of Hanka’s winning routine at the 2011 European Pole Dance Championships.

Just look at this woman!

Hubba Hubba Revue-Cabaret Perilous May 12th

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The Erotic Goddess!
Rasa Vitalia!

hosted by JAMIE DeWOLF
& The Mai Tai Go-Go Dancers!

Live! On-Stage!
FIERY Gypsy Jazz with

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Pole Instructors-David Owen

A while back David Owen paid a visit to Twirly Girls Pole Fitness, one of the studios in the Bay Area where I teach pole dancing classes.  Other than a couple of pole dance performance videos of him and that he likes to stretch and I don’t (even though I do it),  I didn’t know too much about David prior to taking his workshop.   What was so wonderful about learning from him is that the stuff he introduced to me was an extension of some of the pole moves that I was already working on, as such,  I was in the right head space to learn them-there is such a beauty in a new perspective.  I think what was key in his workshop was that he was able to handle multiple levels in class, and that he didn’t give out too much so we all had a chance to focus on a couple of things rather than a bunch of different things- pole moves take so long to master.  He taught me a switching jade thing, I don’t know what he calls it, and also forced me to break out of my comfort zone and nail that reverse grab spin on the spinning pole (on a 50 too!).  I really did get a lot out of his class.

On a personal note, everyone at Twirly Girls loved David ….I can’t imagine anyone not liking David Owen, he is such mellow, easy going,  all around nice kinda guy.  I am so happy to see that he is building a name for himself as an instructor, he really is very good at passing on his knowledge of various pole acrobatic techniques.  David also gives great advice for improving your flexibility, as you might imagine.  I hope to make my way to Vegas in the near future so that I can visit him, take a lesson and check out his new teaching grounds at Shine Alternative Fitness.